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Basic Real Estate Questions

1. How old is the house/condo?
The age of a house will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of repairs, renos, or upgrades that will need to be done to the property.

2. How long has the seller owned the property?
This is important when viewing a property that has been owned for less then one year by its current owners. This could be a "flip" so while cosmetic changes might look good, further inspection might be needed.

3. What is the sales and renovation history of this property?
Agents have the ability to look up previous sales, including price and days on market. Just because its a "new listing" doesn't mean it hasn't been listed with another agent for several months.
Are all the renos to code, did they get permission from the municipality and did they have permits? All good questions that I'll be happy to find out.

4. What are the taxes and associated monthly expences?
While one condo might be priced lower then another, its monthly strata fees could be much higher. This will affect your ability to make mortgage payments and possible future sales.

5. Why do I need a Lawyer?
When acting as your agent, I can be limited on the type and amount advice I'm allowed to instruct you on. Having an independent opinion in regards to contracts of purchase and sale will only further protect you as a buyer or seller.
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